Driving Forward, Looking Back

Driving Thursday

It’s been Lesson Central around here. The day before Greg’s saddle seat driving lesson [Photo Fail], I had one of my own with Alvin.

This was my first driving lesson since before Alabama Charity last October [Show Photos], and the first in a long while that was not prompted by “Eek, a show. I must remember how to drive.”

Back in 2012, I had my first driving lesson.

Other signs you are having trouble in a cart:
When you try to get the horse to move off by goosing the cart with your seat.
When you cut the circle too sharply and the poor horse ends up on a diagonal between the shafts
When you aren’t quite aimed at the center of the outgate and you find yourself trying to shimmy the cart sideways. Carts are not known for performing lateral movements.
[Control Issues]

It took me two years to venture back in the pool.

Maybe I should try driving again. Maybe in the future even try a show or two. A small show. Alone in the ring. As a schooling exercise only. In the future. For now, we will concentrate on ridden equitation. After Nationals, we can revisit the driving question.

I had just launched into this speech when she-who-talks-me-into-all-manner-of-sh*t says, Why don’t you drive at Nationals?

Say whaaaaat (insert rising bleet)?
[Annotated Camp Tweets]

I never would have predicted that one day I would request a driving lesson, just for fun, because it’s been a while.

One never knows, do one?

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