No Show

Saddle Seat Wednesday

The barn went to a show last weekend. I did not. Gasp! Clutch the pearls.

It would have been possible. The lesson ended noon-ish on Friday [Rodney’s Dressage]. Even with a five-hour drive and the time zone difference, I would have arrived in time for dinner. However, I wanted to stress over concentrate on being ready with Rodney. Not on digging out my show clothes, packing the car, buying trip food, etc., etc. Maybe next time, when it’s not the first show of the season and Rodney’s first lesson in seven years.
On more amusing note, I had a practice long line session with Alvin. It was … educational. As in, I was the student and Alvin was once again the patient schoolmaster (riding [Show Report], driving [Show Report]). At one point, I attempted to reverse direction. I lost the plot. Alvin ended up heading straight toward me. (NB: when long-lining, one should be behind, or to the side of, the horse.) Many horses would have taken advantage. Alvin simply said, ‘I assume you want me to turn around and go the other way?’ I said, ‘Yes, please. Thank you.’

After trotting, I had planned to let him walk around the circle and cool down. He came directly to the center and stood, as if to say, ‘Your quarter has run out.’

God bless school horses.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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