Milton Gets Shafted

Friend Sharon [Masterclass] came over to watch Rodney’s lesson [Dressage]. Taking advantage of the extra pair of hands, we asked Milton how he felt about shafts to either side [Practice Cart].

All horses are prone to claustrophobia. When flight is your defense, being in a box is a threat. Furthermore, Milton is off the track. The shafts of a cart might remind him of a start box. Would this be a problem?

Apparently not.

We did not attach cart to horse. Greg led. Sharon and I each took a shaft, wrapped one of the harness straps around the pole and held on. Hence the need for a second set of hands. If the call came to Abandon Ship, all we had to do was drop our straps and step away.

Milton was completely amenable about everything, including the cart/harness arrangement pulling strangely around corners. We never took our eyes off the horse, but Sharon and I found our attention drifting sufficiently that we were exchanging stories in short order. Milton was that calm.

Gold stars for everyone!

Human quick release. On day 2, we rigged a way for me to hold both straps – only because Milton had been so good on day 1. Piece of cake.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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