Louisville 2016

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Two horses from Stepping Stone showed at the World’s Championship Horse Show this year. Go Team Awesome!

ProAm 2106 shirt 2

No ribbons 😦 but folks were psyched to be on the green shavings :). [Why Green?]

What is it about these iconic places? Even I, saddle seat heathen that I am, experienced a frisson when I saw a photo of someone I know riding with the Freedom Hall sign in the background.

Spotted at Freedom Hall
Spotted at Freedom Hall

If I were eventing, I would happily drive the extra distance to the Kentucky Horse Park to jump Baby Novice fences in the shadow of the massive Rolex obstacles.

Been There, Done That refers to these as, “opportunities to dance in the dust of the Caesars.” More Blackpool

What is your horse show mecca? Have you been?

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Update, to clarify the time line:
The photo of Spotted was taken in 2014, when I went up to KY to get Milton. [Spotted on the Green Shavings, Logistics: Shipping]
The Team Awesome shirt was from Pro-Am this spring. [Show Report]

4 thoughts on “Louisville 2016

  1. Thankfully all of my years eventing in Kentucky (2003-2015) involved showing at the Kentucky Horse Park! I always forgot it was a big deal to people to show on the same grounds as Rolex since it was my “home turf.” But a great venue regardless – good footing, perfect amount of terrain, nice jumps.

  2. Still (in my mind) planning to event, just a lot more tricky in California where everything is hours away and you have to add stabling and hotel to your bill… le sigh. One day!

    1. I reach. In the mid-Atlantic, we didn’t even consider shows/events more than an hour away. Why bother? SE US is similar to CA. Everything, other than schooling shows, is a weekend. I also find it cuts into my desire to volunteer.

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