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Update, August 2018: Site has been discontinued.

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Equine author Maggie Dana is on a new site for horsey authors, Horseback Reads: “I’m really excited and honored to be among these writers. I like their books and they’re also great people … from all over. The gal who started the site is from Ottawa, and our most distant author is Kate Lattey (middle-grade/YA) in New Zealand. The rest of us are scattered around the US. I’m the token Brit.”

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Maggie explains further: “Authors in Horseback Reads are Tudor Robins, Maggie Dana, Barbara Morgenroth, Kate Lattey, Mara Dabrishus, Natalie Keller Reinert, and Kim Ablon Whitney. Kate is a Pony Club leader in New Zealand and she actively competes in show jumping, Mara is a librarian, Kim is a former Medal rider and now a USEF “R” judge, Natalie was once a racehorse exercise rider. The rest of us either now own or have owned horses and we’ve all competed. Four of us have been traditionally published and together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and stories to Horseback Reads.”

Tudor Robins (the site’s originator) explains why these authors chose to work together: “We’re a mix of hybrid and indie published authors. We’re all writing for lovers of equestrian fiction … adult, YA, and middle-grade readers.”

“Horse-lovers tend to be book-lovers and we know there’s a big collective audience out there. We also know, as individual authors, that our readers can’t get enough of our particular books, and read much faster than we can write. To satisfy our readers, and tap into the larger pool of horse-loving readers, seven of us decided to band together. We don’t believe we’re in competition – rather we think we’re in cahoots – to keep our readers happy, to keep them reading, to make sure when they finish one horse book, and reach for another, one of us has a great book waiting for them.”

Thank you, Maggie. Good luck with the new venture.
Confession: I don’t often read horse books for entertainment, Dick Francis aside. Nor do I read books about firefighting, nor about Life in the South. I’m DOING those things. Why do I need to read about them? I am more likely to read for vicarious experience of something I would never do, for example The Lunatic Express: Discovering the World . . . via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes by Carl Hoffman [Broadway 2010].

I offer the Horseback Reads page on the theory that others may feel differently.

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  1. I agree with you – fiction should not be about what I do, but an escape from real life. Which might be why I have a weakness for space opera and post apocalyptic dystopia. If my life changes so I end up on a far flung dystopian planet it may be time to wheel out the pony stories, and I will be glad of the referral 😀

    1. Space Opera: Have you read Old Man’s War series by John Scalzi, Serrano Legacy & Vatta’s War series (serieses?) by Elizabeth Moon. I admit, I haven’t read every word of each series. Enjoyed the ones I read; then had my fill. I keep meaning to go back & finish.

      PAD: No thanks. My nightmares are creative enough already.

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