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Ad Critique II

If I insist on being snarky [Ad Critique], then it behooves me to point out when an equine ad is done well.

Page 55 Vanity Fair, June 2015

Page 55
Vanity Fair, June 2015

Nice looking horse. Clean, well-fitted tack. No gaping flaws in horse management. Simon Baker is actor, so I assume the photo was staged specifically for this advertisement. It is not a case of, as so well-stated by ridexc, “an art director (who) has five minutes to select something that sorta says elegant and swanky.” [ibid].

Good on you, Longines.

Vanity Fair cov

Comments on: "Ad Critique II" (5)

  1. Longines knows horses: they are big equine event competition sponsors on the continent. They also, I believe, sponsor races at Longchamps and the fancy English tracks. I agree – this is a nicely-staged piece.

  2. And Simon Baker is quite pretty, too 😉

  3. If I were to quibble, I’d say that Simon ought to have been positioned to the left of the horse’s head … management-wise. But since the watch is obviously what you’re supposed to be looking it, it was all about which wrist Simon wears his timepiece on. The horse’s preference was probably not taken into account.

  4. Wait?!? Is he standing on the wrong side.?

  5. Didn’t even notice right versus left side. One grooms from both sides. I guess I groom a lot more than I ride these days. #horsepetter

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