Life in the Country



Next to my front door. Had to go horizontal to catch the full spread of the antennae. Didn’t want to intrude, so I left. When I came back, the white was gone. Fell? Eaten?

“A grasshopper molts, shedding its outer layer (exoskeleton) and leaving a hollow shell (exuviae) behind.” Encyclopædia Britannica – exoskeleton: grasshopper molting The Amateur Entomologists’ Society says this would be a cricket, due to the length of the antennae, AES – Grasshoppers and Crickets (Order: Orthoptera). The EB entry on crickets didn’t explain molting as well.


Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Bag hanging in an unused corner of the barn. Residents left the day before.

Departure Day

Departure Day

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