Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Nada

Monday’s head cold [Delay] kicked my ass. My brilliant medical advisor came home with Sudafed for pressure and pain. Sweet relief. I could move.

On the other hand, I over-react to drugs in amusing ways. Percocet has made me paranoid. Pain-killers have made me hysterical. A half-dose of Sudafed left me without the will to do … to do … anything. I bailed on my riding lesson. I scheduled the show posts then staggered back to bed. I spent most of last week sitting in dark rooms, playing video games, and listening to Terry Pratchett audio books. This would have been a delightful vacation in the garden of sloth, except for that still, small voice:

What are you DOING? You have WORK. The house is a dump. The DISHES are taking over the sink. How about the horses? You remember horses? Okay, Rodney is on the slow plan. However, you have a NICE horse who is ready NOW. Get your sorry self out to the barn. Do SOMETHING. Do I have to remind you that life is SHORT? Do you realize how much of a HASH you are making out of the opportunities so generously piled in front of you?

I would never talk to another person the way I talk to myself.

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Nada

  1. It’s tricky finding the balance between being too hard on yourself and giving yourself too much slack. I find when I am in a slump that some activity, *any* productive activity generally makes me feel better. Put on your blinders, absolutely refuse to see the big picture, and focus on one small task. I tend to start with the dishes, because, that’s a big looking mess that once cleaned up never fails to make me smile. Then, take a break, or go on to the next small task. Small bits add up, promise. 🙂 Good luck, and feel better!

  2. Ellen: good point. A bit of family history: years ago, I was in a rough patch and we were moving. I was sorting the buttons in my button box. K, then age 13 or so, couldn’t understand why, when I had so much to do, I was sorting buttons. It was all I could cope with, I said. Eventually, we hired movers and went on with our lives.

    To this day, we refer to any small and low priority activity done to avoid dealing with the larger problem as sorting the button box. Similar to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic but when it was all over, I had a neat and tidy button box.

    Over the years, I have learned to focus on the small but productive activities, preferably more productive than sorting buttons. As you say, a little something gets done and after a day or two, you have a lot of little somethings done. In my case too, it is usually the dishes. Then the laundry.

    Baby steps work well on big projects too.

  3. I love that: “sorting the button box.” I have a couple of big projects hanging over my head right now, and I have been stalling on them for *months!* Intellectually, I know each will take less than an hour and the satisfaction when complete will be immense. And yet … there they sit. Today would be a good day to get started …

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