Livestream of Rolex XC Today!


What: The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

Where: USEF Network

When: Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz start off at 9:45 EST. Boyd Martin and Master Frisky are the last ride at 1:25 EST. Looks like they are going straight through. No two-hour lunch break. Ride Times.

Who: I have no idea. I vaguely recognize about half the names. No clue who is hot these days. I’m just hoping for an American win. It’s been seven years since Phillip Dutton won in 2008 with Connaught. Much as I admire Mr. Dutton’s riding, he is a product of the Australian system. It’s been 10 years since American eventing produced a four-star winner. Kim Severson won Rolex with Winsome Adante in 2005. Full list of Rolex winners. Simplified list of Rolex CCI**** winners.

It would be nice if we could win our own damn event.


Rolex is not only continuing without me, but has the audacity to change and improve. The media tours are now given on horseback. Saddle seeks Horse: I’m Riding at Rolex this Week. For Reals. Want!

Rolex reminiscences:
Monday, Preparation: Peregrinatio in Stabilitate
Tuesday: Lexington, sorta
Wednesday, The Jog: Riding at Rolex
Thursday, Day 1: Digital Killed the Party
Friday, Day 2: Foto Friday: Celebrity Mounted Games
Saturday, Cross-Country: From Inside The Ropes
Sunday, Finale: Aftermath
Monday, Coming Back to Home: Living Virtually

My Rolex haiku on Eventing Nation

Kentucky Memories

This time last year, I was finishing up the month of alphabet posts: What Do You Want?

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  1. I’m participating in a Dubarry contest where I picked a ‘team;’ whoever picks the team with the best combined score at the end of an event wins an Dubarry toe-to-head refit. There are a ton of cool, social media driven contests around various sponsors this year that really are fun and engaging. I LIKE this part of eventing; it’s a chance for the sport to play across a wider audience and engage people who watch from afar.

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