What Do You Want?


My Horse Shopping Fairy Godmother [HHPR#1] offered to look at some horses at a off-track Thoroughbred recycling facility. She asked me which ones I liked on the website. I dunno. All of them? A horse that will solve my problems & then fart rainbows? The grinding wheels of time and despair have rendered me useless on the subject.

Here’s what my long-suffering groundperson had to say:

“Tell her you don’t care about looks (except brown, TB, and 1/2 the boy bits underneath). Tell her you want inquisitive (smart) boys built uphill and don’t pull like a freight train under saddle. Move towards a jump rather than away when presented with the option (either under saddle or in hand) Height of jump not important. Attitude towards jump important. Willing to walk on a long rein without help from rider. Remind her that you are an amateur, not very complicated, and can’t dance, so rhythm and spots are not your forte. Oh, and are likely to go “AAAAAHHHHH, you fix”, every 15th to 20th fence. He doesn’t have to do all 15 fences alone. Just one out of 15. (Often fence 4 or 5 on course after the first few have gone well).”

Does this man know me or what?

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Gratuitous Pasture Pic

pasture April 25 2014
View from the roof of the barn.

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      1. Good job. I’ll ignore the roof part, just as I ignored your skills on the jungle gym when you were almost too small to reach the bars.

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