Epiphany Recap

I’ve already talked about my riding revelations for 2014.

A minor one in February:

Saddlebred riders do not want obedient horses … No one wants a Saddlebred who asks, ‘What next? What next? What next?’ They want one who says, ‘Hot damn. Here we go.’ Obedience Epiphany

A major one in October:

Instructor decided on long-lining to improve my rein handling … I get along with horses who go from the seat, such as Previous Horse and Sam … I need to learn to use all the tools in the toolbox. I have a responsibility to communicate with my hands as well as with my seat.

Now that I am aware of my hands, I have a better understanding of why I disliked driving so much … Of course, identifying a problem doesn’t mean it goes away overnight. Progress is being made.

I’m starting to apply this under saddle. I still prefer Sam to any other horse at Stepping Stone… Knowing I will have some control over my destiny makes me – somewhat – more comfortable with idea of riding the other horses. [Camp Tweets]

What did you learn this year?

2013 Feast of the Epiphany

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  1. Unfinished business is a burden I can’t afford. It clogs up my life. If you start it, finish it. If you can’t finish it, don’t start.

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