Thank You #2


Saddleseat rider Buffy Bourbon was kind enough to comment on a show post [Third]. Stalking her digitally (waves hi) led me to the Hobby Horse Clothing Company. I don’t ride Western (yet?) but I’m not against bling, so I perused, which lead me to the page for the Froglight Illuminated Hoofpick. Our barn is a retrofit, so the lighting is not ideal. I ordered one through my local, Carousel Tack Shoppe.

Cons: As with some reading lights, it is disorienting to have the light move instead of staying put. On more than one occasion, I have zapped myself in the eye with the light when I flipped the hoofpick over to use the brush.

Pro: A handy flashlight to see if I’ve gotten all the dirt out.

Time will tell if it is something without which I cannot live, such as heated car seats*, or just a cute idea.

(*Seriously, have you tried these? Awesome. Keeps you warm in the winter without stifling heated air and is portable heat therapy for the overly ambitious weekend warrior. A luxury yes, but one that I will defend with tooth and claw.)

Thank you, Ms. Bourbon.

6 thoughts on “Thank You #2

  1. I have a deep love for heated seats. I discovered them in 1990, when I bought a new Saab 900, my dream car. I had that car, aka, The Deerslayer for 12 years and 250k miles, every one of them toasty. 🙂

  2. *Seriously? Yes! My current car (1998 Subaru Outback) came with them. And leather seats, which is my deal-breaker. Never ever again will I have pet hair, hay or coffee permanently embedded in my seats!

  3. I’ve got a 1998 subaru impreza outback sport. It did not come with heated seats. Wasn’t even an option i could have put in. *sigh* would have been especially nice this winter. 27 degrees now, 60 by sunday. Is it any wonder this whole area is going bonkers?

  4. Look, i’m Famous! I’ve been wondering about those picks for a while now, please keep us updated on where it is a month or two from now (prized possession vs lost in the tack room). Since you’re having fun with gadgets, this is my new favorite. I got one for christmas and it’s perfect for cleaning out ookie water buckets and feed pans, quickly. Does a better job than I ever did by hand, without scratching up the plastic. I’m thinking I may get one of the stiffer ones for my troughs though, it works for surface grime but isn’t getting the old layers of calcium deposits out.

    1. Hmmmmm. Queen of All She Surveys demands a complete water change each day, so the buckets never get dirty. Water trough scum on the other hand …

  5. Oh my goodness.. I will never be without leather heated seats if I can help it at all…an awesome used Audi station wagon was my first introduction, and I got them on the new Toyota. I use them YEAR ROUND – chill and rain? Bring on the heated seat …easing into the car after a long day at work or hard gym workout?…bring on the heated seat…always in season! They should be standard on every car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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