Thank You #1

SafeChoice bag

A New Path was kind enough to comment on a Twelve Days of Christmas post [3 Feed Sacks]:

“I finally have all mine on the same feed – Safechoice Senior (the only senior my old guy will eat). The others will eat anything that looks like grain.”

Clearly, no one other than us is responsible for what we feed our horses. However, we had been pondering Nutrena for a while: bring home the brochure, talk about it, forget & move on. Having the name brought up again, particularly in connection with palatability, was one more prompt in that direction.

I don’t recall our thought process for Original rather than Senior, but Mathilda loves it [Update]. Rodney was on it for less than two days before he started acting cranky, the way he does when his stomach bothers him. New barn rule: Thou Shalt Not Mess With The Thoroughbred’s Digestion.

Thank you, A New Path.

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