2014 Show Schedule LW&TCDR

General Theory
Attention SSF horses: put on your show shoes and get back to work. The performance horses, that is. The school horses have been trucking along with lessons and Winter Tournament shows.

Onwards to the 2014 show season.

While last year’s heavy show schedule was wonderful, it is not a viable way to continue. If I were single, pet-less, and oozing dollars, I would a) go to every show on the calendar and b) attend from set-up to take-down. OTOH, if I were those things, particularly the first two, I wouldn’t be me.

Therefore, I am going to try – try, I say – to trim down the number of shows. Plus, I will do a few more as day trips, thereby saving money on hotel and food. I favor shows that have championship classes, i.e. more chances to ride. My instructor favors shows that have higher year-end points.

Specific Locations
I am attempting to loosen up. I moved my name from the bottom of the About page to the top and added the scan of a nametag [About]. Yet, I still find myself too paranoid to say exactly where I will be and when [Identity].

So, here is your broad hint. I will be showing in Academy classes at shows in Georgia, Alabama, and possibly Tennessee, in the Southeast US. If you are involved in the saddleseat world, the particular shows shouldn’t be too hard to figure. Or, if you look back over last year’s posts, ditto.

Come say hello.

Or, come say hello after my classes. If you talk to me before a class, I will stare at you blankly.

Update: origin of title phrase discussed here. Well, there goes another expression [Eeny]. I always thought this one had to do with rising waters & impassable roadways.

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