Third Time’s the Charm

Today is Winter Tournament #3. Watch for tweets.

Explanation of my intended classes from show #1, Back.
Explanation of where I need to improve from show #2, Report.

As with the previous show, I’ve been on a horse once this month. Last time it was the week before. This time, it was three weeks ago. I’m not overly concerned with forgetting how to ride. I am concerned with forgetting how to ride saddleseat. Eighteen months with American Saddlebreds will evaporate and 30+ years with American Thoroughbreds will take over.

Not sure who I will be riding for Academy Showmanship, but Sam usually gets the pattern class rides. Some horses, such as Trump, will let me slip in a few hunt seat moves. Not Sam. If I sit in the center of the saddle and thump him with my heels, he turns into an up-down lesson pony until I scoot back, lift my hands, and ride him properly. He knows. He just refuses.

My instructor says that I am still allowed to show but I’m not allowed to bitch about my ribbons.
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8 thoughts on “Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Hi There,
    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I’ve been riding saddle seat since I was very young, but started out riding jumpers and still sometimes miss that, in fact I have one of those Saddlebred Hunters you sometimes write about! Anyway please continue, I love hearing your observations about differences! My area is under a little over a foot of snow right now, and had another 4 inches this morning, so I just shared a link to your saddleseat directory with my local chapter of the ASHA, so you may gain a few readers that way. Hope you have a great ride next time you make it to the barn!

      1. Actually no, not this year, although my horse did win the first one they had back in 2005 when Bill Moroney came and did the jumping clinic. This year i’m recovering from hand surgery, and my hunter is a little much at the shows for one handed! I’ll be showing my western horse this year, and am shooting for next year with my hunter. If things come along faster than I expect I may change my mind though and take her just for the fun of it! She hasn’t actually shown in the big shows since 2008 which was the first wrist surgery, and then this October was the 5th (and last!) So she’s had some time off to get fat and sassy. I hope you’ll like her when we finally get back out there though!

  2. Shockingly, no! Not even though she’s even a CHESTNUT mare! She loves her job, and believes she invented jumping – every jumping clinic has been her “teaching the other horses how it’s done” in her mind. She’s really fantastic. But after 4 years of almost no work… Sassypants =)

    Here she is if you’re interested =)

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