Foto Friday: Flashback

Bentley at Diff Run

Moving a dog mattress knocked this old snapshot out of a box. When folks look at me – say the kids at the barn – they see a grandmother, or just about. Particularly since women around these parts tend to color their hair, making my gray hair unusual and aging. When I look at me, I see a twenty-something who just came off a cross-country course. I forget that exterior and interior views don’t match.

Difficult Run PC Horse Trials
Frying Pan Park
Herndon, VA
Mid 1980s
photographer ?? (anyone recognize this?)

More Bentley

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Flashback

    1. upper top left (pulling back on bently) is mine. 1985. still have the permission slip you signed so i could use the photo where-ever. haven’t used it yet :). I still have fond memories of Katherine shouting “you pig!!”
      my hair is going white – not grey, but white – in patches, and i have no intention of coloring it. my brain is messed up enough without applying all those chemicals to my head, LOL. the interior is what counts.

  1. The top one (riding into the sunset at Difficult Run)) is either mine or your Dad’s. It might have been the time he was there. The rest of the photos (except for the drop fence) are mine. From top middle: Potomac Horse Center show. Top right – The Great Pumpkin. Bottom left: schooling session Avenel. Bottom center: You and Tory did that one. Bottom left: Avenel dreaming.

  2. I think it’s neat that there are several (many?) of us here that actually remember those actual days. It means you are good at long term friends 🙂

    1. Nice that after being out of touch for a while (like years) you can just pick up where you left off. Well, you miss rather a lot (fill in the blanks, K &K, LOL) but you are still friends and when you look at all those pix it brings back a lot of memories. (like falling off Boo as he crow-hopped after a stunning jump and i landed on a 2×4 someone left at the side of the ring. Broke my tailbone. 2nd time. Don’t remember what cause the first – probably falling down stairs. 😀

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