Off Topic: Yay or Nay?

Yesterday’s post had nothing to do with horses. Was that appropriate or not? The post also exists on my second blog, Off Topic.

The existence of multiple blogs was addressed in The Katie Chronicles: A Blog for Each Personality. My answer there was:

I have two. Different topics and totally different writing approaches. I think it works for me b/c then it stays organized in my head. Scalzi’s Whatever is an outstanding example of integrated blog, from political commentary to pictures of his breakfast.

OTOH, I’ve been asked why I bother with a second blog. Why don’t I don’t just write the occasion off topic post for Rodney’s Saga?

So, yesterday was an experiment. A non-horse post without explanation.

Advantages of one all-inclusive blog
Don’t have to build two audiences.

To remove the advertising for a second blog, I would have to pay a second time. One blog, one fee, no ads.

I have no problem reading what an author choses to write. If a particular post doesn’t flip my skirt, I move on & come back the next time. I do not immediate cast the blog into the outer darkness.

Advantages of two blogs
The opportunity to build two audiences, which could then reinforce each other.

The non-advertising fee isn’t that much for one year. Given how much time I put on WordPress, it’s a small payment for the service.

I can envision readers who enjoy the random thoughts but have no desire to plow thru daily horse news.

Bottom line
I put too much work into the essays to have them disappear in a day. Off Topic will stay as its own entity. The question is, do I cross post or no? For variety, I’m taking opinions with a poll:


Update: Poll Results

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