3 thoughts on “Weekend Report, Redux

  1. At least he’s consistent. It actually does make some kind of sense to me. And I don’t know if I can explain it (and one reason I’d like to see it all in person). He doesn’t like you telling him to do something active and specific. To tolerate ‘weird’ things, he just has to deal with it – not actually do anything. I realize you sometimes ask him to walk up to them/through them but it isn’t the same.

    You are basing your ‘weird’ things on other horses’ past reactions which of course makes sense. But you’ve stated before that environmental things aren’t an issue for him. So they just aren’t….

  2. Trotting in hand may be a leftover button from his past. Neon plastic has not yet proven to be dangerous. Perhaps he is not fearful generally but only of specific bad memories. Unlike the rest of us….

  3. I have a red clown’s nose that you can try (on your nose, not his). He’d probably run to Georgia.

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