NaBloPoMo – Midpoint Review

I had such plans. NaBloPoMo is my final push to launch my blog at a wider audience before I pick up my marbles and go home [Vox]. The only rule for NaBloPoMo is to blog every day. Since I had done that for the 10 months previous, the idea of daily blogging did not strike fear into my heart. Not only was I going to blog daily, but I was going to write tiny, sparkling mini-essays that began with my horse topic then widened to resonated with a general audience. Plus I was going to surf and comment until my fingers were nubbins, discovering new blogs and forging online friendships.


I deliberately began with a post designed to appeal to NaMoBloPo participants, 10 Tips For Daily Blogging. However, when I added it to the NaBloPoMo Soup blogroll, I did not yet realize I could include subtitles. So my first entry is an undistinguishable #14 among 100s, growing to 1000s, of other posts. Poor planning.

Then I got sick. The grand visions came to a screaming stop. The blog nearly came to a screaming stop. I wanted to lay down and quit. Not only did I lack the energy to blog, I lacked the energy to go to the barn. Since my blog has a narrow subject focus, if I don’t fuss with the horses, I have nothing to blog about. So that was the irony of the first part of my November. I had intended to do so much more. I ended up struggling to maintain status quo ante. Yes, I can start now, but the eight-ball is winning.

How are you monthly/yearly goals coming along?
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3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Midpoint Review

  1. Good question. On the writing goals, well, they aren’t even on the table any more. But I am running a marathon in four weeks. Some things are working, others are not. If I could work out why some are and others are not, I might get some leverage on the ones that aren’t. I have some thoughts … and I have a meeting with some people on Friday that might help me sort it out a bit … ,maybe 😉

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