Why Bother With It?

Been feeling a bit head vs. wall about the blog, the horse, the horse hunt, pretty much everything recently. Not for any sensible reason, just a lack of traction. Whether you believe in judgment day or the eventual entropic heat-death of the universe, asking ‘why bother’ will eventually drown you in your own personal Total Perspective Vortex. To quiet the chattering monkeys, I retaliate with:

Why not?
What the symbol-string else am I going to do with my time? Bleak, but it does successfully pry my butt off the metaphorical couch.

(Another in a series of feeble posts. Hoping to stagger forward until Opening Ceremonies on 7/27/12. If I can’t find inspiration in the Olympics, I will hang up my keyboard.)

kitten pile

4 thoughts on “Why Bother With It?

  1. Love the kitten pile! 🙂 Hang in there – I was just excited to see a jumping horse as part an Olympic coverage preview on TV…I thought ‘there’s some progress!’
    And you’ll find a good horse eventually – this is a good problem to have as you know, and the hunt will be worth it!! Happy Friday!! EBH

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