It Hurts So Good

Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop. Seriously, I can’t tell. Since Mathilda’s left hind leg is sore [How?], she’s resting her weight on her right hip and leg, thereby overtightening the muscles in her croup and hindquarters. During Rodney’s heat therapy, I put the second heating pad on her Bai Hui point instead of his. [100]

I couldn’t tell if she liked it or not. She’d spin in circle and stomp her feet as if to shake it off, then stop and give a big lap. On the up side, she was at liberty, so she could have left at any point. Plus, she’s not usually one to give away big releases. During a massage, she acts as if she’s barely tolerating me and then goes off to have a yawnfest when I let her go. On the down side, she was twirling around as if bugs were biting her butt. But then, I’ve never had the faintest idea what that mare was saying. [Square Horses]

However, it makes me feel a bit better about Rodney. While I may not be able to interpret all of his justifications and rationalizations, I do have Good/Not Good sorted out.

What mixed signals do you get from your horse (or dog, or cat)?

3 thoughts on “It Hurts So Good

    1. Stretching, yawning, air chewing, and waving one’s tongue about (lapping at nothing) are positive signs during a horse massage. So is farting – usually when one is working at the back end.

  1. Ah, JCM, Change your tune to The Authority Song.
    All you have to do is convince the herd who the authority is,
    good luck with that.


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