Cause for Cautious Optimism?

Work: AM heat/PM groom & all 6 exercises, including walking into the ring for the 360o turn-around box.
Report: Still unhappy going to the ring but seemed relieved when he realized we were doing the box. Improvement over last time [Joining] & how the plan is intended to work [Blow, Boredom].

Ramblings for the Day: Twee alert. Greg left for work early, so I did the honors with Rodney’s medication. When I went to catch him, he hid his head under my arm. Clearly he was hoping to get out of having to take the nasty-tasting goo. How can one not go all soft & squishy over a horse like that?

The twee-est thing your horse(s) has(have) ever done?

2 thoughts on “Cause for Cautious Optimism?

  1. Puzzle, the horse I hunt, has a propensity for having her head hugged. Full-on, arms tight around her face just below the eyes, major hugging.

    She’ll also do a ridiculous head-wave thing in response to the question “Puzzle, do you need a cookie?” Since she has a short, thick, high-set neck, I tried to get her owner to teach her to stretch DOWN to beg, but it’s ended up being a vertical fling of the face. Given that she has a huge white blaze like a Hereford cow, the aforementioned short stubby neck, and googly white-rimmed eyes, it’s not a pretty sight. But she has the soul of an angel, so we go with it.

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