BrickFair: day 3

Work: day off.

In honor of my continued haunting of BrickFair, Rodney as a LEGO mosaic. Conversion courtesy of LEGO Photo app. The original was drawn by Jean Abernethy for Back To Eventing: Getting to Know You, posted Feb 2011 on the USEA website.

How do you combine horses with your other interests?

3 thoughts on “BrickFair: day 3

  1. hey Katherine, you’re gonna be sorry you asked! i make quilts of horses; quilts of horse-print fabric; incorporate horses into other types of needlework and beading; collect all sorts of horsey stuff; make dollhouse-scale miniature horse grooming supplies and saddle pads, for a “dollhouse” that’s all horse-related items; working on getting good enough with polymer clay to make recognizible horses.for health reasons i can’t ride any more, or afford to even have a pony as a pet, but i really miss it. oh, almost forgot, have had 6 books on horses published, but my publisher is now out of business

  2. For me it’s easy. I draw them! 😉 *lol* Haven’t I always…makes me wonder if you knew that I was constantly doodling ponies when I was in High School? I must admit to having all sorts of stuffed and other toy horse reference in my studio. Including a jumbo size “Pokey.” I just unearthed him from a box yesterday. 😉

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