Equine Tics

Work: AM heat therapy/walk – top of the hill.  He realized he was farther from the barn than usual but held it together.
PM long groom/no exercises  – yesterday’s trip down memory lane put me in a mood, so I fussed on him until I got over myself. Plus, he met me at the fence & stuck around the entire time without benefit of halter. So that was a warm fuzzy.
Grade:   for the walk, grading on a curve only slightly less steep than the hill.

As I posted in September, one of my daily time sinks is to take my husband’s retiree for a walk. When I do, Rodney goes to the run-in shed. If he’s out by the hay, he strolls back. If he’s at the far end of the field, he gallops back. Given that he often naps in there and that he retreats there after a panic attack, I assume he sees it as a place of safety. So, something about my taking the mare for a spin makes him want to hide. How weird is that?

What are your horse’s tics?

One thought on “Equine Tics

  1. Horses are herd animals. If you take away his “herd”, he may feel unprotected and insecure. In that case, in the shed is safer. ALONE may not be his thing.

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