Banquet Photos

Results: Me Champion Adult WTC Showmanship Champion Adult WTC Equitation High Point Academy Rider Final haul: three ribbons, two backpacks, & one dressbag. Silent auction: Bid on 6 items. Outbid on 4. Saved from myself. Results: SSF High Point Academy High Point Junior High Point Amateur High Point Performance Barn As with last year, 4Continue reading “Banquet Photos”

Spotted at the Dog Show II

Yee-Ha, Y’all When a friend won her puppy class of one entry, I cheered and clapped. I was accused of trying to embarrass. Why no. I’ve been showing saddleseat. We hoot & holler. We make rafter-shaking, screamy noises for barn riders at the slightest provocation. ASB ringside is one of the few places I’ve foundContinue reading “Spotted at the Dog Show II”

Spotted at the Dog Show

Note the canine spotted at the head of the line. Open to Interpretation For Dragon*Con, I splurged on science-fiction shirts as my costume: Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, and so on. I justified the expense by promising to use them as barn shirts. So when I dashed over to the dog show thisContinue reading “Spotted at the Dog Show”