Stall Rest Chronicles 17 Feb

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. Mostly. [Begin]

Week 7 post surgery
Week 1 of paddock rest

This adventure manages to be both stressful and boring. A delightful combination.

In Other News

Treating myself to lectures as well as books. “Milton’s rehab has involved a fair amount of retail therapy as distraction. I have a horse on stall rest. I deserve this book. And that book. And that one over there.” [Stall Rest Chronicles 11 Feb, and Book Club Blog Hop Announcement]

And this class.

And that one over there.

Next class. US Graham School: The Medieval Book, Class starts 24 March, Registration closes 16 March. Free lecture. US Graham School: Exploring Medieval Manuscripts, Tue., Feb 28, 2023. As before, the lecture is a teaser for the class, but likely to be interesting in its own right. [Blanket Adjustment, SF Class]

Discovered while poking about for related things to read. Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts: Twelve Journeys into the Medieval World, de Hamel, Penguin, 2017. Truth in advertising. While I have immensely enjoyed the first three chapters, I have not finished the book. I’m pushing myself to read other things *cough*TerraIgnonitainfourvolumes*cough* and saving this for closer to the next class.


5 thoughts on “Stall Rest Chronicles 17 Feb

    1. I do not turn on my video. Lots of folks don’t. You probably have to have some sort of Zoom installed. You could do a test run on a earlier lecture to get the system working before the one you want to hear. There is one on 23 Feb. Or listen to the lecture recording afterwards. The classes, so far, have all been recorded. Unfortunately, the classes are not cheap. I find it worth it if you calculate the cost per lecture. YMMV

      1. Sigh. Guess I’ll never know. Eowyn’s last batch of tests was over $200 dollars and the oral med that costs $50 is coming in a couple of weeks (the over $150 one isn’t till the start of next month) so anything not essential will be going by the wayside. I’m rereading The Lord of the Rings again, so that’s helpful. I think it’s about 50 times so far.

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