Mindwork Monday, Mounting Tension


Awareness of the outside world. On the subject of mental health, 988. Put it in the mental file next to 911.


Background. The idea of getting on a lesson horse causes me anxiety. At the moment, I am able to get on my own horse without excess stomach acid. [The Crux]

(Of course, talking about this causes my brain to suggest getting wound up about both. To which, I say Shush!)

A realization while watching a troop of beginner horses do their thing at Stepping Stone Farm.

One. I didn’t want to get on any of them. I knew this.

I was leading horses who were heading to a show to be ridden by tots. I had not the slightest interest in getting on a single one.

[Missing The Saddlebreds, Or Not]

That lead to …

Two. I have been putting ‘riding a lesson horse’ in the same bin as riding my own horse. Riding is riding, right? Both activities involve getting on a horse.

Maybe not, at least for me.

Walking into a room full of people you know is different than walking into a room full of strangers.

I can chat.

When I’m in extrovert mode, I have no problem plonking myself down at a table of strangers and introducing myself.

[More Banquet Thoughts, Where To Sit]

However, it is a separate skill.

Perhaps I need to approach getting on a lesson horse as its own activity, one that requires a different energy.

I shall have to ponder.


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