Hank Got Hops, Jumping Lesson


Awareness of the outside world. Graphic from NJ Department of Health, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Assist to Instagram: @dr.berthahidalgo. (In case your viewer is squashing the image, larger vertical format below.)


Proof of jumping lesson!


We jumped this. It wasn’t horrible.

Well, actually.

Hank jumped this. I wasn’t horrible.

This is Hank.

Hank is a school horse.

Hank doesn’t worry about people fretting and flailing around him.

Hank gets on with his job.

Be like Hank.

Jumping lesson at fancy hunter/jumper barn. (They have asked for no publicity. )

This is Hank.

Hello, Hank.




Trot poles.

Canter poles!

Canter crossrails!!
(I asked to trot one first.)

Canter a vertical!!!

My jumping wasn’t good, but I had inklings that one day it might get back to being good. I’ll take that.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

Repeat of above.

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