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A leather martingale to display this year’s horse brass. Cox The Saddler: Leather martingale to take 1 horse brass. [NHBS 2021]

I was surprised to find out the leather widget was called a martingale. All right-thinking people know a martingale is a piece of horse tack, either standing or running. Also an Irish martingale if one is studying for a USPC rating. The Society Of Master Saddlers: Different Types of Martingale

Little did I know.

A martingale is …

… an adjustable part of a dog collar.

… a similar adjustable widget on the back of a coat or dress.

… a gambling system.

… a probability theory.

… a way to keep track of your your sword. fencing.net: Using the wrist strap or Martingale

… “A stay running from the end of the jib-boom to the dolphin striker, which holds the jib-boom down against the pull of the fore topgallant mast stay.” The Age Of Sail: Martingale

… an obsolete term for a twofer, or occasionally a threefer in the theatrical lighting industry. Wiki: Martingale

… a sewing shop in Bothell WA. ShopMartingale

… a restaurant & bar in Portsmouth NH. Martingale Wharf

… a name with a family crest. House of Names: Martingale History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

… a street in Eugene OR.

… a road in Schaumburg IL and Schwenksville PA.

… an avenue in Mooresville NC.

… a close in Cape Town, South Africa.

… a PDF. Electronic Journn@l for History of Probability and Statistics: The Origins of the Word “Martingale”. Mansuy 2005.


… a precis of the preceding, An Ergodic Walk: The history of the martingale, Sarwate, 2012.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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