Learning My Lessons, Or Not


Awareness of the outside world. “I will never understand why wearing masks was a big deal. I will never understand why vaccines became the enemy.” @Dan Rather on Twitter

Hank the Wonder Horse. Photo courtesy of instructor.

I’ve been thinking about my lesson. [Hank Got Hops]

That could be good. Digesting what I learned. Thinking of how to apply the lesson to my own horses. Pondering what I will work on in the future.

Except, that’s not what I’m doing. I’ve been wondering what kind of student I was. When I get in touch for my next lesson, will they look forward to it? Not care one way or the other? Reel back in dread? Will I be the student that causes them to question their career choices?

You see, I think I may have talked a bit too much.

I applied myself when Hank and I were working. Mostly. But it was hot. There were many walk breaks, for me as much as for Hank. I happily lept into the silence.

Because …

A) I talk.

Let’s be serious. I have a daily blog. This is not the action of a reticent person. To meet me is to be enveloped in voluble, perky enthusiasm. Rather in the line of a large, friendly dog who appears to be well-trained but you can’t be sure isn’t about to jump up on the counter. If you meet me at horse show, brace yourself. Even the hooting & hollering Saddlebred folks consider me to be loud. Whether I talk a lot or too much depends on how amusing you find me.

I think anyone who has met me IRL will agree that silent and placid are not on the menu.

B) I don’t get out a much.

This was true in the pre-times. Now, squared. I find myself chatting with cashiers and other poor souls I happen to wash up against. At least I am still self-aware enough to realize when I have to reel it back in.

C) A New! Audience! For all of My Horse Stories(tm)!

The horses I have now. The horses I had then. Jumping with Previous Horse. I even managed to reach all the way back into the misty darkness of my stint as a working student. They were all new! All unheard! This one! And this one! And that one!

It’s like fish stories, only with four legs.

Hank didn’t seem to mind, but Hank’s job is to be unflappable.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Learning My Lessons, Or Not

  1. Thank you. Too kind.

    No matter how much you tell yourself that you can’t please everyone, rejection is still unpleasant. I think it’s evolutionary. Popularity equals a place closer to the fire and farther from the teeth in the dark.

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