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Clinic started last Friday. Therefore, scheduling a post from the reserve pile for today. Gotta go make us presentable to be seen in public.
Awareness of the outside world. “SERVE is the Savannah College of Art and Design’s student-led community service initiative.” Eight programs listed, including Alternative Spring Break, “This annual community-service project takes place during spring break when a team of SCAD students volunteers time to help meet unfulfilled needs in the Savannah community.” SCAD: Community service.


Pale Horse
Artist: Marcus Kenney
Location: SCAD Savannah
Date: January 2016

Judging by his other works, aggregate appears to be his schtick, at least in part. The Internet is not forthcoming on the other three horses. One photo of White Horse on display in Hong Kong on the MK: Animals page. That is where I found the title of this one. Don’t click over if taxidermy weirds you out.

Process Notes
Photos from a 2016 trip. I found these when looking for the bridge pics for the Savannah 5K. I had spent the day taking wads of tourist snaps with the intention of writing a classic travel article about Savannah. While I never did the travel post, I did get four other posts from the trip.

[ASHAG Awards 2015]
[Geographical Center: Georgia]
[Strolling In Another Park Another Day, Walk Report, Savannah Bridge Run, Virtual 5K, December 2020]
SCAD Horse

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