The Return of the Sippy Cup, Virtual Tevis 2021

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If the clinic recap is not here, I took Monday to recover. Another post from the reserve pile. Later, although still taking Monday off, had enough energy to repost this announcement. (Barely, tired fingers + tired brain = Typopalooza.)
Awareness of the outside world. Wondering if virtual is here to stay. Dragon*Con has announced a virtual component to the 2021 IRL convention.

Run Sign Up: 2021 Tevis Cup – Virtual Western States Trail – 100 Miles in 100 Days

The Run Sign Up announcement is all the information I have. Didn’t see anything on the official Tevis site.

We will definitely sign up. We were planning on riding a DIY version anyway. All the long, slow work we ended up doing last year was great for horses & riders. [VT Archives]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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