Mention of Milton

Riding Journal

Awareness of the outside world. Broadway Backwards. Tomorrow through April 3rd.
Milton is fine. Much riding. No driving.

Not much long-line driving practice. He aces those exercises. We really are at the point of hitch or get off the pot. [Back In The Traces]

I’m not the one riding him. I keep intending to get back on. [Milton Goes Back To Being a Pony Ride Mount]

I would prefer to do this in an enclosed space. Generally when we are somewhere with an arena, we ride for a while. By the time we are done, Milton has been good/is tired and/or I’m tired. [Old Arena]

It never seems to be the opportune moment.

Since I’m not riding/working Milton, he tends to disappear from the blog. It’s not my story, so I don’t tell it.

Upon reflection, I’m willing to talk about Milton’s driving because I am involved to the extent of being his header and – maybe, eventually – a navigator. [When Milton Adores Me]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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