Back In The Traces, Milton

Riding Driving Journal

Awareness of the outside world. History.Com: The Man Behind Black History Month, by Sarah Pruitt, Updated: Jan 14, 2021.

Milton continues to demonstrate excellent tire-handling skills. When we added weight, he channeled his inner draft horse and dug in like a champ. If I didn’t know the horse, I’d say we were ready to hitch and go. [Check-In]

But I do know the horse. We’ve been here before.

Before his first show, Milton was a star. He hitched. He drove. He had lessons. The three of us went new places without a problem. You might even say, we hitched without a hitch. Then he went to the show & lost his tiny pony mind. [not a post]

Currently, Milton has a champion. His rider thinks that – with Herculean levels of patience – Milton can be reasoned with.

I can be patient. Really, I can. For while. Then, I’m likely to say, ‘Get over your damn self and get on with it.” This attitude worked with Previous Horse, who was opinionated and stubborn. OTOH, this sort of outburst causes Milton regard me as if I have grown an extra head.

But I wander from the point.

Milton is doing outstandingly with the tire work.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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