Back In The Saddle, Rodney


Lucky enough to have a horse

Awareness of the outside world. Had planned to volunteer at a new community vaccine clinic opening today. By the time I tried to register, every slot was filled for the week. Excellent news.

Happy to see the saddle. Happy to see the sun.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

4 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle, Rodney

    1. 😂

      But good for you! And the community for stepping up. And for the saddle and the sun.

  1. “going anywhere near needles”: Runner, registration, lots of non-needle-adjacent tasks. Also, needles don’t bother me per se. I don’t like shots, but I can live with them. Giving blood? That will put me on the floor.

    “the community for stepping up”: Yes, I’m proud of Bham. How often do I say that?

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