Things I Would Say To My Horse …

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Lucky enough to have a horse.

Awareness of the outside world. Ventured out yesterday for mammogram & flu shot. Have you had yours?
… If I thought he would listen.
Word of advice. If you are trying to convince the boss that you are too lame to ride, dashing out of the stall at a trot does not help your case.
Dude, you really don’t need to spend the entire trip around the field bending your head stare to longingly in the direction of the mounting block. We are talking 25 minutes of gentle walking out of 24 hours of your day. Enough with the long-suffering horse routine.
Thank you for accepting being put up in the run-in shed. When Milton’s on stall rest, everyone is on stall rest. [The Replay]
FCHP, lap 1: You are slewing sideways like a pretzel. Curling your head in like a shrimp. Shrimp pretzel! This is new. [The Trip]

Lap 2: Oh, that’s right, back when we started the Virtual Tevis, you wanted Milton to lead the first lap. Okay, tuck in behind the fuzzy gray butt. Better? [Tailgating, Virtual Tevis Style]

Lap 3: Off you go. Take the lead. I’ve been dealing with pushy Rodney for months now. I didn’t realize we had reset to layer two Rodney. My bad. [Peeling The Emotional Onion]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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