Horses, Humans, Not So Different

Sunday afternoon, we have power! Yay!! Kermit Dance!!! OTOH, while the house has power, I don’t. Long weekend. Lacking the oomph to finish the planned post. Here’s one from the vault.

Adventures in Saddle Seat

Enjoy the Drive


Big & Katherine
Queen Bee Cottage Creations Photography by Shannon Slemmons

[Foto Friday: SSF Fun Show Photos]

For a while I drove a horse named Big. He was an excellent horse for a beginner driver. Knew everything. Done everything. Had opinions.

Big: We have walked long enough, time to trot.

Me: Guess we aren’t waiting for the announcer today. Second place it is.

Big: I’m not ready to come back to a regular trot. I’m going to rock this extended trot a while longer.

Me: Okay then, you let me know.

WC High in the Sky
Sandra Hall Photography

[Show Photos, Georgia Fall Classic 2015]

A while back, Big and I were in a class with another Stepping Stone Farm entry. I had been told to line up in front of the assistant trainer as my header.

Class ends. We turn in. I aim for assistant trainer.

Big: I line up on Courtney.

Me: No, today you line up over there.

Big: I don’t know how you horse show, but *I* line up on Courtney.

I’ve told this story often. Ha. Ha. Silly horse.

Katherine & Big
Doug Shiflet Photography
Used with permission

[Show Photos by Shiflet]

Flash forward.

Driving class. Two SSF entries. I am driving a horse who does not have Big’s auto-pilot. I am focused, yeah, let’s go with that, focused.

Time to line up. I turn in.

Driver Me: I line up on Courtney.

Voice of Reason: There is someone in your way.

Driver Me: I line up on Courtney.

Voice of Reason: How about that person over there.

Driver Me: I line up on Courtney.

Voice of Reason: You know, the *owner* of the horse you are driving?

Driver Me: I line up on Courtney.

The headers swapped places. It was easier than redirecting me.

Sam & Big
[Show Report, Georgia Fall Classic 2015]

Another example of Big having an opinion, Been There, Done That: Hello?.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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