Vetting In The Time Of The Virus


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Awareness of the outside world. AVMA: Covid 19.

Annual routine vet appointment yesterday. Turned out to be a non-event, covid-wise. Semi-outside in the wide open, run-in shed area. We all wore masks. Stayed a few feet farther apart than normal. Coggins, shots, check teeth, everything looks good, bye.

The plan had been to have the horses tied to the rail, a note explaining what was to be done pinned to the rail, and then stand back. However, the ‘we are on our way’ phone call turned into a ‘we are here’ call. One of us was on a Zoom call. The other was in the house doing dishes. Rodney was still up from breakfast. Quick scramble. Rodney pulled out. Milton came back in to investigate the possibility of cookies and elected to self-stall. Ready Freddy.

Rodney did not cover himself with glory. He’s usually fine. This time, even with a chain over his nose, he back and fussed. Afterwards, he came out of the stall as if shot from a cannon. I tell you, they do not like having their post-breakfast routine messed with.

Milton behaved like a gentleman. However, he required much reassuring afterward, even from me. There must be a vet smell much like the one in a doctor’s office.

BTW, we test drove the masks beforehand. I had a mental image of vet walking in with mask & both horses voting with their feet. Turned out no one cared.

We should have Cogginses today. We can now go places. If there were any places to go.

Well, we will be ready to go, once the pity party is over. They are such drama princes about their shots that the in-house medic would rather pay the professional. Photo is what happens when you are too pitiful to reach all the way to the ground. Don’t worry Rodney got a hay net. He could reach the floor but was jealous of Milton’s bucket. Woe is us.

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. This was witty and humorous, as usual. The cast of characters certainly have preferences. Plus, the interactive map was educational. Thanks for sharing the details.

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