A Bit of Change, Because We Always Have To Be Tweaking Something, Don’t We?

Training Journal

If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.

Awareness of the outside world. Trying to become a better consumer of information. News outlets on both sides of the aisle exist to sell stories. Drama makes a story more interesting. Therefore, even the most fact-based analysis will still have the gain turned up. I need to remember this. I tend to buy into the emotion. I need to separate current data from speculation. A wild-eyed call for metaphorical heads on pikes might be a legitimate response to breaking news, but any prophesied downfall is only a prediction. No one knows the future, either in hope or dread.
Tried Milton in a bit with fixed sides instead of a loose ring. He appears to approve.

Since we were dealing with the bits we had on hand, we could not do a strict, single-variable comparision. Took out a plastic/rubber straight bar with loose rings and bit guards. Put into service a metal, D-ring snaffle. Therefore, we changed not just the sidepieces but also the also mouthpiece, material, and diameter. So much for science.

Later, I dug up an egg butt snaffle. History, i.e. the blog, says this is what I rode him in. We know how well that went. Good thing we found the D-ring first. [Pix Are Always Amusing To Look Back On]

Rodney went through an enormous number of bits at the beginning, so we have lots of spares hanging about. I was in that charming mental state of watching my new horse is fall apart in front of me. So I was throwing money at the problem. But I digress.

On a positive note, we fiddled so much that when I saw the driving bit at Coach Kate’s, I knew Rodney would like it. He still has the same style mouthpiece, with more mounted-appropriate sidepieces. [Recent Changes]

Speaking of changes, we have a new house rule. No new feed for Milton, unless we really, really have to. Maybe we could find better, maybe not. We have proven that we can make it worse. [Back To Where We Started]

While I am journaling changes, Rodney has been getting Venice turpentine on his soles to build up his feet. Good report from the farrier after the last set of shoes, “More to nail to.” OTOH, they didn’t say anything until I reported my diligence since the last visit. Was it not noticeable until I pointed it out or was that natural farrier reticence?

I’m suspicious of add-ons and miracle goos. I think we can talk ourselves into believing something works if we want it to. OTOH, my farrier of – I don’t want to think how many – years has been systematically excellent. I don’t know why I’m casting doubt in this case. I shall paint on.

Venice turpentine, your experience with?

Stay safe. Stay sane,
Katherine Walcott

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