The Start, Virtual Trail Report, Tevis Sippy Cup, Miles 1 through 6, August 2020

Training Journal

If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.


Awareness of the outside world. Beirut. Speechless. Lebanese Red Cross.

Rodney may be coming alongside the idea that a ride can be fun. Milton is still loving it. Both being really good about seeing our smiling faces four days in a row, before breakfast no less.

So far our average pace is faster on the longer days. On the first lap, we have to wait for them to wake up, get coffee, read their email, etc.

None so far.

Misc Tidbits
100 miles? No one asked my knees.

Happy to see so many helmets in the posted pics.

Process Notes
Brace yourself, I intend to post about this weekly. You will be along for every step of the ride.

Daily Log
To understand our numbers, we are doing our rides in 1/3 mile laps around our pasture at a walk. Leisurely. That’s the word. Leisurely.

Saturday, August 1st. Today 6 laps, 1.94 miles. Total 1.94 miles. Time 47:03 min. Pace 24 minpermile/2.5 mph. Tired ponies. ‘That was a lot of work!’

Sunday, August 2nd. Today, 3+ laps, 1.11 miles. Total, 3.05 miles. Time 29:40 min. Pace 26 minpermile/2.3 mph. Front-loaded the week because they would be taking several days off later in the week. They did not appreciate the extra .11 to make up the distance from yesterday. Turns out a lap can vary from .32m to .35m depending on GPS. After 3 laps today, we turned around and walked back to the corner. ‘What! This is an outrage! We were promised three laps! We could turn around and go back to the barn right here. How about now? How about now?’ Such drama.

Monday, August 3rd. Today, 6 laps, 2 miles. Total, 5.05 miles. Time 49:31 min. Pace 24 minpermile/2.5 mph. Notably less tired than they were after the first two-mile day. Had to overshoot the finish point by a few feet. This did not go unnoticed.

Tuesday, August 4th. Day, 3 laps, 1.02 miles. Total, 6.07 miles. Time 46:46 min. Pace 26 minpermile/2.3 mph. At the start Rodney was resigned, but in a happy way. ‘I know what we’re doing. I can do this.’ Kept a sharp eye on the GPS to make sure it ticked over to one mile.
Wednesday, August 5th. Day off. Vaccines yesterday. Pitiful ponies today.
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  1. What a great trip! Great for everybody. Having a goal gives the days purpose. Smart move.

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