Family’s First Photo Show


Awareness of the outside world. Virtual schooling means we need to make sure everyone has access to virtual. An educated society benefits everyone.
As so much is doing these days, the Lexington Carriage Classic went virtual. Screenshots from LCC Facebook page, saved 6/21/20.

Coach Kate, Whip Hand Farm, entered her horse Lyricc in Class 26 – Senior Horse/Pony. She used a photo of Lyricc & Greg from the MTCC Driving Derby in 2016 [Show Report]. “Lyric pulled out of moth-balls at age 20 in this picture, to take new driver Greg Walcott to some club driving events.” Lyricc entry.

They scored an Honorable Mention out of 26 entries. “The Committee loved seeing so many old friends celebrated in this class.” Sr Horse/Pony results & photos.

She also entered Bliss WH in Class 16 – Ladies Wicker Phaetons. for 3rd place. Bliss entry. Bliss looks great …

… hard to beat the fluffy legs. Wicker results & photos.

LCC is the reinvented version of the CAA Carriage Festival that we did in 2017 [Show Report]. Searching for these posts has been a stroll down memory lane. Dang, we had fun.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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