Belly Up To The Bar, Fiction Fragment


Awareness of the outside world. While they make for great literary settings, bars come at a high social cost. I’m not quite a dry, but I’m edging that way. This is probably the most writing you will see me do with bars and alcohol.
It was early in the night shift. The rush hadn’t started, so I had time to watch the stranger enter and walk to the bar, “So what’s good at Luna’s answer to Draco Tavern.”

I pointed at a sign over my shoulder and moved a jar in front of them.

Any references to Draco Tavern, Callahan’s, or Mos Eisely will cost you one dollar in the swear jar or a drink for a randomly-selected stranger.

It’s instructive to see which option a person choses. A dollar is the less expensive option. A drink is the more social option. Some get huffy and leave. That’s okay, they can go wait out by the speeder.

It’s my bar. I get to make the bad jokes.

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