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Without an audience, a story is half-formed.
Response to comments [Warts]

I have been publishing short fragments of fiction on Saturdays. Why?

Several blogs that I read take the weekends off. (How dare they! Don’t they know I require entertainment on all days?) Instead of doing that, I change direction. Saturdays are writing. Sunday are graphic design.

Sometimes, Sundays are also about horses [Equine Logo, KLLM]; sometimes not [You Know You Have Fallen Down The Lettering Rabbit Hole When …]. Saturday fiction writing is rarely – dare I say never? – about horses. Equine fiction leaves me cold, either to read or to write [Horseback Reads]. That’s okay, the world is vast. Topics are everywhere.

Author bios often say that X book came about because they wrote what they wanted to read. That’s kinda what I’m going for. At least I will amuse myself.

I have designated three of the four Saturdays as fiction days, with varying degrees of success. The last Saturday of the month is for a discussion of blogging, as herein. This weekly posting schedule provides me with a sufficient illusion of accountability to get my fingers in gear.

That is true, but only partly. Moving forward, I want to dwell less on filling space and more on telling.

Fiction is telling a story. Fiction is telling a story TO someone. Yeah, I’m quoting myself up there. I really like both the turn of phrase and the idea behind it.

You are the audience I am telling the story to.

The hope is that the bits & pieces with eventually coalesce in to a coherent short story that I can send out. Or form the basis for my Hugo-award-winning novel. You will have been along for the ride. Share the journey.

If it all never goes anywhere, well then, I get blog posts & you get entertained.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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