Off-Topic: Fiction

I aim to keep an equine focus, but some days you just wanna stray outside the pasture. When writing the Versatile Blogger entry, I trolled my brain for an evocative turn of phrase. The search algorithm returned ‘share a lifeboat’. Here’s why.

In October of 2011, Esquire had a 78-word fiction contest. (Winners.) My entry:

I am by myself in the lifeboat. We were four when we started. Sam realized he did not want to live without his wife. He swam back to the ship. Maureen thought she saw a helicopter. She stood to wave, overbalanced, and fell in the water. Jean leaned over the side to look for sharks. He fell in too.

I see people bobbing in the water but no one comes near my lifeboat. I prefer to be alone.

4 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Fiction

  1. interesting. insightful to those who know you in person, even if it has been years.
    do the widgits (sp?) pay you for the advertising, or are they freebies? always wondered about that.

    1. Widgets be free. Although I am limited to what WordPress allows on this theme (their term for a specific page design). Since that is free as well, can’t squeak. As for content, any promo you see is put up by me because it entertains me to do so. Everything has permission, but no money involved.

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