My Second Blog Award

southfortyrocks: The crazy adventures of South Forty Farms has nominated Rodney’s Saga for a blog award.

With the versatile blogger award comes the responsibility to share some information about yourself and pay it forward:
•Display the Award Certificate on your website
•Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
•Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
•Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
•Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Part of me wants to dissolve into a Sally-Fieldesque puddle, mumbling, “They like me. They really like me.” However, I am afraid I must decline the honor. I can fulfill less than 40% of the requirements.

Display The Image
Here ya go
For today anyway. If I add another widget to my sidebar, the entire blog will tip over.

Announce & Link
I am happy and grateful to link to the originating blog. She has a big heart. When she found out she couldn’t have children, she turned to foster care:

I found out that I couldn’t conceive when I was 28…2 years into a wonderful marriage. Devastation much??? Yes, devastated and shocked that life had dealt me another wonderful card. I would not be able to risk failing with infertility treatments, came to the realization in about two minutes. So, I spent two years researching every avenue of adoption. Our choice, foster care/adoption through the state. The Looking Glass

I have too much trouble letting go to foster a dog. I can’t imagine fostering a child. (More here.)

I’ll go one better and link back up the chain,
nominated by
A New Path For Old Hooves
nominated by
Misadventures with Mel
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Mucking Moms
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The Tarot Alchemist
after which
the path bifurcates and we stop.

Which leads my next point …

Nominate 15 Blogs
If each blog nominates fifteen more blogs, the numbers quickly spin out of control. With eight iterations, we have already overshot the US population and are one step from overshooting the world population.
Generation 0 – 1
Gen 1 – 15
Gen 2 – 225
Gen 3 – 3,375
Gen 4 – 50,625
Gen 5 – 759,375
Gen 6 – 11,390,625
Gen 7 – 170,859,375
US pop. – 315,335,816 (as of 2/15/13 21:19 UTC)
Gen 8 – 2,562,890,625
World pop. – 7,066,465,549
Gen 9 – 38,443,359,375
Where does the madness end?

Mathematical persnickeyness aside, what blogs do I read? Not enough. There are days when I can barely get my own blog out, much less read and comment on the avalanche of incoming blogs.

Instead of 15 individual blogs, allow me to gather the love into one place and refer readers to Haynet: Social Blogging For The Equine & Country Life World. Apparently, I go over well in the UK. Even WordPress has decided I speak British English and scolds me when I drop the u from honor or add a superfluous l to fulfill.

Tell The Winners
Since I’m Bogarting the award, there is no one to notify.

Say Seven Interesting Things
There are no interesting things about me. That is not to say I am not a lovely, decent person, with whom you would be delighted to share a lifeboat. However, after publicly disemboweling myself monthly since August 2010 [How I Won] and daily since December 2011 [We Begin], there are no secrets left.

In my life, surprise works the other way around, I come up with a bit of revelatory self-knowledge, tell a friend, and get back, ‘Yeah, I’ve known that about you since the late ’70s.’ You’d think a journalist would be more observant, but no.

First win with subsequent curmudgeoning here.

3 thoughts on “My Second Blog Award

  1. I find her interesting, nay, fascinating. But I may be prejudiced. Note: interesting does not mean secret.

    Here ya go:

    First female firefighter in her local volunteer fire department.

    Prefers cats to dogs but dogs love her.

    Books are in her blood. One grandmother worked in a bookstore, the other one owned a bookstore. Her first “job” out of college was co-owner of a bookstore. You might even say she is addicted. Try traveling with her and watch her ship books back home because there are too many to take on the plane.

    Her husband knew she would be his wife their freshman year but they didn’t date until after graduation.

    She got her first gray hair at age 21.

    Very smart. A gourmet eater who does not cook, she married a gourmet cook.

    At one point as a child, she had 110 stuffed animals, few dolls. She now has, with her husband, 11 live animals. I am not surprised.

    She is one of the more interesting people I know but then…

    1. Aw, shucks.

      Technically, I am the third woman FF in my department, but I believe the longest lasting and certainly the first to complete the 160 volunteer training. My first grey hair was found at age 19 in a hotel bathroom during a date/dance/unrequited-love drama. An either-laugh-or-cry moment.

      As for the rest, all true: book addiction, gourmet chef husband, etc. Although I had to stop to count the animals. She’s right, 11.

      She’s also correct about dogs. I grab them on the snoot, look deep into their eyes, and tell them, “I don’t like dogs.” They usually lick me on the nose. There is no reasoning with a dog.

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