A Man And His Horse, Travel Week, Day 2, Edinburgh, Scotland, Guest Photo

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Intro, week: Do you feel like traveling? I feel like traveling. Let’s hear it for vicarious travel.

Intro, today: More from Jennifer Garlen, aka Virtual Virago. Welcome Jennifer.

The Wellington Monument on Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland,

“Wellington mounted on his favourite horse, Copenhagen.” National Records of Scotland: The Duke of Wellington statue at Register House

Statue slide show. Canmore: National Record of the History Environment: Edinburgh, Princes Street, General Register House, Duke Of Wellington Statue

Copenhagen’s attitude. “His cantankerous temperament gave many a groom a bad moment and even nearly gave the Duke himself a severe injury.  He had dismounted after the final battle of Waterloo and moved to the rear and patted Copenhagen on the rump in thanks for a fine day’s work. The horse responded with a savage kick, just missing the General who had already just missed death many times that day.” Patricia Crane: Copenhagen and the Duke Of Wellington By Cheryl R. Lutring

Copenhagen’s breeding. “Copenhagen, Wellington’s future warhorse, was named for that same Battle of Copenhagen, because he was, in a sense, present in the early days of that siege. He was completely oblivious to the campaign, however, as he was in utero at the time.” Click over for, “The tale of his birth and his life up to the night of that famous ball given by the Duchess of Richmond.” The Regency Redingote: From Denmark to Belgium: Copenhagen — Wellington’s Great Warhorse

Process Note
Border color. According to CWR Flags, “The Scottish Parliament’s education, culture and sport committee has set the optimum shade of blue for the flag as Pantone 300, azure, or sky-blue. The committee’s decision is only advisory and it will have to go to Jim Wallace, the justice minister, for ratification.” Colour and Design of the Scottish Flag

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  1. Edinburgh is one of the very few places outside this country that I’ve been. Of course, I haven’t been that many places inside this country either….

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