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Last weekend, friends who are bead artists pried me out of the house planned a trip to a local bead show. Since the endless maw that is daily content must be fed, I figured I’d find horse-themed beads to buy and use as blog fodder. Ha!

Animals shapes were abundant: turtle, bee, gecko, scarab, fish, butterfly, starfish, dragon, peacock, frog, bird, dolphin, monkey, lion, owl, whale, dragonfly, dog, & elephant. So many elephants. This was the closest I could come to “horses.” From Beads & Rugs By ATA, Paducah, KY, Facebook.

Copper, patina-ed, Greece

Melted coin silver, Greece

Actually, that’s not completely true. There were palm-sized brass horse silhouettes decorated with semi-precious stones. Pretty. $175 each. There was an undecorated version on the same table. I did not ask the price. I love y’all, but not that much.

Beadapalooza 2019, Facebook.
Helena Reporter: Helena hosting Beadapalooza Aug. 18-19, from last year, with picture of hall.

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  1. You want horse beads? Wait till I get mine out and take a picture. I’ve only actually used a few, most are part of my huge collection of things I’ll probably never get around to doing.

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