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debandtoby: Pictures of random items are nice.

Me: I get caught in a loop of thinking I need to be reporting our progress. No. This is not a training journal. This is for amusement, yours and mine. Training is part of it. So are random images. I shall endeavor to remember that.

Comment exchange on an earlier blog post. [SitRep Summer 2019]

I often find myself sliding into a mindset that stresses over not being comprehensive in my recounting of how Rodney and Milton are progressing day-to-day. Their most recent rides. What they are eating now. Schooling plans are for the next few days. Minor health issues.

Meh. Boring to write. Boring to read.

I only need to hit the highlights. You’re smart. You can connect the dots. If I say I’ve been to a horse show, I don’t have to detail every practice ride leading up to it. Unless the practice is part of the story, for example, boot camp at Stepping Stone Farm [Third & Final Progress Report].

You can assume they are eating. I don’t have to document every change in amount or additives. Hint, we keep our horses at home. We are *always* tinkering with amounts and additives. Unless, again, the food is part of the story, for example experimenting with a possible soy allergy [Feed Adventures]. BTW, results inconclusive & assumed to be negative. Back on regular feed [What’s In The Feed Scoop].

And so on.

There is no mandate. There is no editor expecting a certain word count, no House Style that I need to match, no expectations for this content or that. Clearly, creating demands where none exist is a recurring issue for me [Attitude Check 2015]. I am free to record whatever amuses me, whatever interests me. The hope is that what amuses & interests me will amuse & interest you. The big moments. The small moments. The interesting moments. Each entry is part of a mosaic that makes the whole picture. What is the whole picture? I have no idea. We will find out together.

Fun to write. Fun to read.

I have incorporated Training Journal and Random Images into my subhead roster to remind me of this.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “State Of The Blog, The Lure Of Being Definitive

  1. “Fun to write. Fun to read.” You got it. I sometimes let the badness in me come out here where I shouldn’t, it should go in my journal.

  2. d&t: As you said earlier, one has to tell the bad along with the good. To my mind, my goal is to share the bad that is part of the story and limit the bad that spreads bitterness inside as well as out.

    j: 10q.

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