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Missed it by that much!

The ASHAA, the state Saddlebred Association, has a series of three summer fun shows. Last year, Milton did walk-trot at all three [1,2,3]. This year, I had considered taking him to the two local shows and skipping the out-of-town one, scheduled for last weekend. No problem. I had a conflict with that show anyway. The AHJA, the hunter/jumper folks, had a show the same day. That worked out well.

They changed the schedule! I missed the first local ASB show. Plus, the judge was Gayle Lampe. I would have loved to ride in front of her [Saddle Seat Celebrity, Ringcraft]. I missed it because Milton and I were wrapping up our personal trot poles/crossrails series [1,2].

I know. I know. Too many horse shows is the exact opposite of a problem. I want it allllllllllll.

Another round-about way of saying, Show Report tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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