Magic City Kitty Art Show

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Magic City Kitty Art Show to benefit Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue. I went. I spent money.

Swirly Illustration

PO Paper Arts

Pretty Print

St Georgia Beach (?) on the way to Key West
Touch of Key West Gallery
Giclee print. Frame is wood from lobster traps. The artist trades with lobster fishermen, swapping new wood for old.

I am considering commissioning a Mash-up Portrait of Milton from Carly Strickland Art as a companion to Rodney as Dr. Whooves [The Reveal]. Now I need to decide what classic painting, nerdy costume, or prop best fits him.

Snaps to Michelle [Archives] for prying my butt off the farm.


I also bought a cat coloring book. It was a gift, so I did not include it here until after delivery.

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Katherine Walcott

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